In the Blockchain

The blockchain feels like a mystical creature that works in many ways that even top technical experts don't understand. Here at the Big Little, we're set on breaking down the idea that it's too complicated to get.

In case you haven't had a moment to check out the blockchain, no problem. We've created a nifty little guide for you to learn how the blockchain works, why it's revolutionary, and to get you familiar with the components that make up a blockchain.

Are you interested in learning the high-level details of how the blockchain works? We've put together a guide on how the blockchain works for non-technical folks (the rest of us) told in story-form that we're constantly updating as this space rapidly changes.

We have been working in the blockchain space since 2015, from writing software to investment.

Why the blockchain is so magical.

  • How it works
  • Why it's so magical
  • Why it's not synonymous with Bitcoin
  • Computer science without breaking a sweat (story-form)
  • What's happening under the hood without any math