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The Big Little is a platform that makes learning technology easy and accessible to everyone. Whether you're just starting out or looking for more advanced skills, we have something for you. Come over and learn with us at The Big Little! We're in closed alpha right now, but get ready for the launch. Be one of the first to be notified when we're ready.

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The Big Little

Tech is changing the planet and governing important decisions. The Big Little makes it easier and faster to learn and grow in the everchanging world of tech.

Ari Lerner, CEO at The Big Little

On a mission to bring the world closer to tech

We're not growing for the sake of growth. We honestly believe the future is in the world's readiness to believe in tech and be prepared for the future. The Big Little is focused on helping the world grow into the next generation.

Our focus is on helping the world grow into a future-ready generation. We want people of all technical experience levels and backgrounds learn how to use technology, apply it for their own purposes in order create new opportunities that will benefit society as a whole.

Get prepared for the future with the latest technologies

Don't start with the goal of being a beginner developer: aim to be the best you can be with the latest technologies. Here we focus on the technologies of the future and help you prepare yourself for the future.

Computer science

Get notified when we’re launching.

We're launching soon. Be the first to get notified for the launch and secure your spot for the technology revolution.